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The Fastest Birds In The World with pictures


fastest flying bird in the world

Birds are one of the fastest animals on earth because of their ability to maneuver the air and light weight and strong wings, where this feature enables them to sit on the throne of the fastest animals in the world and thus we.

will start our article today on the 10 fastest birds in the world at fantastic speeds.

10-Canvasback bird: with speed “73” Mile/H”

Canvacback is a duck that dives and swamps throughout North America, with a wingspan of about 34 inches, and is among the fastest birds in the world with a top speed of about 73 miles per hour.
The Canvacback  is a migratory bird, and the migration begins in the beginning of winter, towards the Great Lakes, which lies between the borders of the United States and Canada, and therefore these birds are in the list of the fastest birds in the world.Canvasback bird speed

9-Grey headed Albatross :with speed ”78.9 Mile/H”

– Gray-headed albatross lives in the South Atlantic in the Southern Ocean sector. The world’s fastest bird, while searching for food traveling at a normal speed of about 68 miles per hour without rest.

Wind conditions in the Southern Ocean have a significant impact on the flight speed of the gray albatross. They benefit from strong storms in the Antarctic to fly faster.Grey headed Albatross speed

8-The red breasted submarine duck: with speed ”81 Mile/H”

– Red-breasted submarine duck is a duck that is capable of diving in great depths. It lives in lakes and freshwater rivers throughout North America and Europe. .
These birds migrate before winter arrives in northern Canada and Alaska in the interior of North America. During this voyage, the red-breasted submarine duck achieves a maximum speed of 81 mph, one of the fastest birds in the world.red breasted submarine duck speed

7-goose with horn: with speed ”88 Mile/H”

– Goose With Horn ” its a  large waterfowl , it found in wetlands throughout Africa, ranging in length from 30 to 45 inches and weighing up to 7 kg,
Their wings are between 1.5 and 2 meters long.
The “Goose With Horn “is one of the fastest birds in the world with a top speed of 88 miles per hour, “Goose With Horn ” is one of the fastest species of geese in the world.
However, it can fly faster than any other floating duck in the world, so it is one of the fastest birds in the world.goose speed

6/Frigatebird: with speed ”95 Mile/H”

Frigates are large seabirds that can be found in tropical regions around the world, with a wingspan of 2.3 meters, frigates have the largest wings in the world, frigates have a maximum speed of 95 miles per hour so they are one of the fastest birds in the world, and are known to be able to Remained in the air for a week, frigates are said to come only to the ground to rest and reproduce.

Unlike other fast birds, these birds can not walk well on the ground, to catch prey such as fish, crabs and crustaceans, frigates pick up their prey in the air at the right moment,
that is why it’s in sixth fastest bird in the world.Frigatebird speed

5/Eurasian Hobby : with speed ”100 Mile/H”

Eurasian Hobby bird  belongs to the family of falcons of the rank of hawks, a bird of prey and shy medium size, specializing in hunting insects, birds and bats during the flight. It is about 29-32 cm long and its wings extend from 70 to 82 cm. And the weight is grams.
The Eurasian Hobby  bird  is found in open forests, river edges and forests throughout Africa, Europe and Asia, but it keeps hunting in open areas with speeds up to 100 miles per hour, so it is one of the fastest birds in the world.Eurasian Hobby speed

4/White throated needletail : with speed ”105  Mile/H”

It has a smooth body that helps it to fly long distances and super fast.
White-throated needletail it live and spend most of her life  in  the rocky hills of Siberia and Asia, one of the fastest birds in the world and have a maximum speed of 105 miles per hour. TheWhite-throated needletail have long curved wings and their strong body, helping them achieve exceptional speed in flight.
the White-throated needletail is a migratory bird. Before the beginning of winter, it moves towards South Asia and Australia. At the end of winter, it returns to breeding areas.White throated speed

3/Gyrfalcon : with speed ”130 Mile/H”

Gyrfalcon is one of the largest falcon in the world, with a length of between 20-24 inches and a weight of up to 1.3 kg.It features long wings and this makes it able to fly quickly and at great altitudes, making it able to catch prey easily, where the speed of flying up to 130 miles Per hour, the Gyrfalcon is the third fastest bird in the world.
The flying Gyrfalcon  passes through several stages and increases and reduces its speed due to changing the position of its wings, its wings are wide and pointed, their wings are 50 inches long, and ranks third in the list of the fastest birds in the world.Gyrfalcon speed

2/Golden Eagle: with speed “150 Mile/H”

The golden eagle is a bird of prey in North America.This powerful eagle is between 26-40 inches tall and weighs up to 7 kg.Gold eagles have wings of about 2-3 meters in length, they pounce on prey from large highlands,
It has a sharp view and the ability to quickly pounce on its prey from high altitudes, which can reach a maximum speed of 150 miles per hour, so it is one of the fastest birds in the world.golden eagle speed

1/Falcon Shaheen : with speed “242 Mile/H”

With a top speed of 242 miles per hour, the Shaheen Falcon is the fastest bird in the world. well It is the fastest living creature on Earth. It is the most widespread bird on all continents except Antarctica.
The Shaheen Falcon has long wings and strong muscles that help it fly exceptional distances, so it is one of the fastest birds in the world.
Falcon Shaheen has a strong heart and lungs with high efficiency, which makes his body get enough oxygen supply and help to fly high distances, it ranks first in the list of the fastest birds in the world.Shaheen Falcon  speed

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