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Caspian tiger extinct

Caspian tiger also is known as Panthera tigris virgata Caspian tiger habitat The Caspian tiger previously lived on the shores of the Caspian Sea, and these tigers were used extensively in bloody circus games and in the Colosseum

Advice for People who will Get a New Dog

Advice for people to get Dog A dog can make a great addition to the family, but Bedford Borough Council is warning local residents to be cautious and carry out checks after reports of illegal puppy trading. Bad dealers and breeders

8 interesting facts about snakes

WHAT FACTS YOU HAVE TO KNOW ABOUT SNAKES You may be a snake lover or you may feel chills just to see them, but in both cases, snakes have the ability to catch people's attention. Various cultures throughout history have experienced love

How the Dogs “feel” with their owners!

Dogs feelings Many dog ​​owners believe their pets are capable of extrapolating human emotions, but scientists have been able to prove that this loyal friend can actually sense his feelings. By gathering information from different